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Let’s say you are passionate about a subject that happens to be a very competitive market on the internet.  Or, you’re not interested in creating a hundred niche websites about various topics that you could care less about.  Perhaps you own a business and you want to market your website on the internet in a very competitive market.  Whatever the case may be, there is hope for you and your website.


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This video shows you how to use the Google Keyword Tool along with free SEO tools from SEO Book.   If you use the tools together on a Firefox Browser, it makes it easy to check the strength of competition for any keywords you’re considering.

This video shows how to set up and use the Google Keyword Tool.  The Google Keyword Tool is a very important tool that gives you information you can use to get traffic to your website.  If you want another great tool that pulls information from Google and makes keyword research a lot easier, check out Micro Niche Finder.

In the world of internet marketing, there is nothing better than free website traffic.  Free website traffic means more sales, and more sales means more revenue.  Choosing the right keywords is the best way to generate website traffic.  There are many opinions on choosing good keywords, but it’s crucial to learn the basics first.

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