So, who the hell am I and why should you care?

My name is Ryan Giles and I fell into internet marketing around April 2010.

In the real world, I was an attorney with a small solo practice.  I wanted to learn how I could use the internet to get more clients.  So, I did.  I learned about internet marketing and I loved it.

I was fascinated by it.  I was obsessed with it.

I liked it so much I started to neglect my law practice.  Honestly, I didn’t care.  The world can survive with one less lawyer, right!?  Don’t answer that.

I still practice law, but I only do the things I like to do, which is help business owners. Contracts. Corporations.  All things business-related.

I also help attorneys and law firms with their internet marketing strategies.

Now, I’m trying to learn more about internet marketing, share more, help more business owners and grow this business into something really really cool.  All from my cozy little home in Orange County, California.

If you want to contact me directly, follow the link.