Article Submission Guidelines for GO Articles

Article submission is part of the game when it comes to strategic internet marketing. Submitting articles serves two purposes. First, when you put your link in, or at the end of, an article, someone reading the article could click on the link and visit your website. It’s a potential traffic source. Second, it helps create backlinks to your website, which can help increase the strength of your website in the eyes of Google.

Go Articles is one of the more popular article directories. With low competition keywords, it’s not uncommon to find an article from Go Articles ranking in the top 5. GoArticles has different guidelines than ezine articles, so I thought I would spell them out for you, so you don’t get banned for life.


  • Maximum 150 characters
  • No url’s
  • Must be more than 1 word
  • No html tags
  • Must not be all upper or all lower case
  • No repetitive punctuation!!!!
  • No affiliate names or prescription drugs.


  • Minimum 300 words: Maximum 15,000 characters or 2,500 words
  • The character limits include spaces, line breaks and punctuation, so keep that in mind if you are planning an article that is exactly 15,000 characters. It might be longer than you think.
  • The article must be unique.Submit to only one category.
  • Articles must provide useful content, not sales pitches.
  • Articles that are blatant and excessive self-promotion will be removed.
  • Articles that are a few lines of text, with link pointing to article will be removed.
  • Articles that include tag clouds, or keyword clusters will be removed.
  • Authors who submit spun articles will be banned.


  • More than one link in the article body to the same url is not permitted.
  • Any links in the article body should support or relate to your article content.
  • No links that are only used for keyword anchor text back to your site.
  • Promotional links for your site, service or product are restricted to Author Bio.


  • Maximum of 400 characters, or roughly 60 words.

Those are the rules and if you follow them, you will surely have a long, prosperous relationship with Go Articles.

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