It can take a lot of time to sift through all the crappy internet marketing tools and resources to find the products, services, resources and tools that are actually worthwhile.

Believe me, I’ve sifted through a LOT of crap.

Fortunately, the cream rises to the top and you end up with a great list of resources that can help you build your online business. So, here’s my list of the best internet marketing resources.

Obviously, there is a subjective element involved when you create a list like this. Not everyone will agree with what I put in and what I left out. If you think something important is missing from this list, let me know, I’ll take another look.

But, try to think about this from an OBJECTIVE point of view. Just because you had a bad experience with Liquid Web doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people have great experiences with them.

For example, my experience with Hostgator was terrible. But, I know a ton of people that have never had any problems. So, from an objective point of view, I put them on the list.

This list can save you a LOT of time. I still recommend that you do your own research but at least you don’t have to start from scratch. I tried to create a list of the best tools and resources available, NOT a list of EVERY resource available.

There are a few affiliate links on this list, (the ones without the http in front) which means I get a commission if you buy the product after clicking on my link.  If I’m lucky, it might be enough to buy a Long Island Iced Tea.  If you want good karma, buy through my affiliate links.  If not, life will go on for both of us. ; )

I tried to keep this list short but there are a lot of useful tools and resources in the world of internet marketing. Use what you have an immediate need for and forget about the rest (until you have another immediate need, of course).