Sometimes, we learn things in the strangest ways. My grandmother has never used a computer. She claims she’s too busy. Nevertheless, I learned a valuable lesson from her that translates into the internet marketing world.

My grandma used to bitch at me when I was much younger. Not in a bad way, but more like:

“You should wear a coat.”
“You should eat more vegetables.”
“Don’t bang your head against the wall.”

Of course, my response was to ignore her.

“Yeah right, I’ll eat whatever I want.”
“It’s not even cold out.”
“I like banging my head against the wall.”

As I gained wisdom and life experience, I started to realize that I shouldn’t bang my head against the wall. And, maybe I should eat some vegetables from time to time. I still don’t wear a coat very often, but no one can be right about everything.

Internet marketing strategy is sometimes the same way. Whether you realize it or not, you ignore a lot of good advice when you’re new. You read a great, wonderful eBook on how to make money online and you DON’T take the recommended action. You join a membership site and you DON’T do exactly what they suggest you do.

On some level, I don’t think we intentionally ignore the advice. Sometimes, we just don’t understand it.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time. Other times, we think we know better. Whatever the reason is, the bottom line is that we don’t get the results we want.

Until it finally clicks. Maybe you needed more real world experience. Perhaps you read something that explained things in a different way. Whatever it was, it helped you see the big picture. The clouds parted, the sun lit up your face, and you saw things in a brand new light. You finally understood internet marketing and you realized that people had been giving you the information you needed all along.

I was reading an eBook when things finally clicked for me. Before that, I had joined a membership site and read numerous books, articles, and blogs. The other stuff was helpful, but this particular eBook, on that particular day, was written in a way that really just made me “get it.” I finally understood internet marketing.

I can’t say that it was so much that particular eBook, but I think it was more of a combination, or merging, of all the information I had absorbed up to that point. The eBook was the trigger, but the books, articles, and blogs that I previously read created the foundation of my new understanding. They were all an important part of my journey to understand internet marketing.

Of course, sometimes we have to get fat before we realize that, yes, we should eat more vegetables. Or, we have to go broke before we realize, yes, I should have saved more money. If you want to succeed in internet marketing, listen to your grandmother!

If you’ve seen the light, what was your trigger?