Most people involved in the internet marketing world know that article marketing is important for making money online with a website.  But, most people forget that article marketing directories are also good for conducting niche research.

Let’s take a look at  Ezine Articles is one of the strongest article directories on the internet and it also has some of the most powerful tools for performing niche research.

The whole purpose of article marketing is to help your website rank higher in organic search results.  That means, you want to get as high as possible in Google search results, preferably number one.  So, before you waste your time in a market that is completely saturated, do a little research with Ezine Articles.

The first thing you want to do is to go to  You’ll notice on the first page that there is a list of categories.  When you click on a category, it breaks the categories down into more categories.  Choose whatever category you want and click.

Once you get to a category, you will find a link at the top of the page, just beneath the header, for “Top Authors” in that category.  Click on the “Top Authors” and it will bring you to a list of the top authors.

This list is full of information you can use.  First, it tells you exactly how many articles the top person in that category has written.  That’s a good indication of how competitive the market is.

Second, it provides a list of all the articles that person wrote.  A simple glance down the list will show you what keywords the person is using and what the person is writing about.  You can click on the article and look at the structure of those articles.  Check out the resources box to see how they structure their links, and what anchor text they’re using.

You can also see how they are making money in their niche by clicking through to their website.  Some niches might be better for AdSense, some might be better suited for CPA.  Investigate the authors and their websites to see how they’re making money from their articles.

If you’re already working in a specific market and you have published articles on Ezine, don’t forget that you can use the author tools to get more keyword ideas for more articles.

Once you log in to your Ezine account, go to “Author Tools” and click on “View My Article Reports.”  If you have multiple authors, you need to click on an author.  This will bring you to the screen where you can click on the number in the “Views” column for more detailed information.

You will arrive at a screen with a chart showing you how many monthly views the article has.  Above the chart, is “Traffic Search Terms.”  Click it and you will be brought to a page that displays the keywords that were used to find your article.  If you see a keyword phrase that is not used expressly in your current article title, you might want to write an article using those specific keywords.

Ezine articles provides authors with a lot of tools to help refine their internet marketing efforts.  Use the tools to make adjustments where necessary and ultimately increase your online success.