There are billions of dollars being spent online every year. If you want to join the ranks of those making money online, then you need to get traffic to your website and you need to monetize that traffic. Monetize simply means to convert into money.

If you have 1,000 visitors to your website every day, but you’re not selling anything, and you’re not advertising anything, then you won’t make money. If you want to make money with your website, you might want to implement some of the battle-tested techniques below.


There are many different types of websites and many different reasons for having a website. One reason is to attract customers to your brick and mortar business. A brick and mortar business is a business that exists in the real world, not just online. For example, a pizza place, a law firm, and a clothing shop are all examples of brick and mortar businesses.

When you have a business that exists in the real world, the purpose of your website should be to attract customers to your business. Depending on what your business is, that will determine what method works best for you. You need to have more than just a website that gives your business name, address and history.

Be creative, let your business personality shine and give visitors a reason to contact you or visit your business. If possible, use the power of the internet and sell your product online. In time, your internet sales might surpass your real world sales.


Google AdSense is Google’s advertising network. Any person can use Google AdSense to put advertisements on their website, as long as they comply with Google’s Terms & Conditions. When someone visits your website and clicks on an advertisement, you earn money. The amount of money varies depending on the topic of your website and the related keywords.

The good thing about using Google AdSense is that it’s easy to use and anyone can plug the ads into their website, with a few exceptions. The bad thing about using it is that the click-through-rates (CTR) are very low and the payouts can be very low too. CTR means how many people see the ad (impressions) versus how many people actually click on the ad. CTR’s vary depending on many factors, but they can be less than 1% and they can be 5% or more.

For example, If your website gets 100 visitors per day and 1 person actually clicks on a Google advertisement, that’s a CTR of 1%. If Google pays you $1.00 per click, you will earn $1 per day, or approximately $30 per month. Not bad, but you probably won’t be retiring anytime soon from that income alone.


Believe it or not, Google isn’t the only advertising network for website owners. In fact, there are plenty of other options to consider. All you have to do is run a search for Advertising Networks and check out the results. Some of the more popular ad networks in the blogging and affiliate marketing world include Chitika, Azoogle Ads and Click Booth.

Another option is to find advertisers yourself. You can always sell advertising space on your website to whoever is willing to pay for the advertising. However, it’s very unlikely that anyone will want to pay to advertise on your website unless you have plenty of high-quality, targeted traffic.


With the simplicity and popularity of e-commerce, many people want to sell physical products online. Of course, with an e-commerce business comes the added responsibility of maintaining products, shipping products, responding to customer inquiries, complaints and returns. Many of these things can be outsourced, but ultimately, you will be responsible for your business and keeping customers happy.

If you want to sell physical products online but you don’t want the headaches that come along with it, you can promote others’ products on your website. When you refer a customer that ends up buying a product through your link, you receive a commission.

For example, if you advertise muay thai heavy bags on your website, a visitor clicks on one of the product advertisements and buys the heavy bag, you receive a commission, however, the other company is responsible for the shipping and customer service. Many companies have affiliate programs, including powerhouses such as eBay and Amazon.


Information Products generally include any type of informative product that can be delivered electronically via the internet, such as eBooks, video or audio files. Selling information products is a great way to make money online because you can automate most of the process and you can earn money online 24/7.

If you want to make serious money online, the best thing to do is to create your own information products. That way you receive 100% of the revenue, minus your own costs, of course. If you’re not ready to create your own product, you can still make money online by selling others’ products as an affiliate.

One of the most popular websites for promoting affiliate products is Click Bank. Click Bank is a website that you can sign up for and promote hundreds of products related to many different markets, such as credit repair, weight loss, or internet marketing. Once you sign up and choose a product, all you have to do is promote that product. Click Bank takes care of everything else, including payments and refunds.

Many websites and companies offer affiliate programs. Often times you need to look at the footer of the website to find a link to their affiliate program for more details. The best affiliate products to promote are the ones that you have personally used and love. If you think a product is great and you’re willing to pay money for that product, it’s likely that others will feel the same way.


Whether you call it a subscription, membership or continuity program, it means that you charge someone a continuing fee for access to your product or services. Typically, a monthly membership fee is charged to those who want whatever it is you’re offering. Some websites offer access to premium content, or video lessons, or private forums, or educational programs. Whatever you offer, memberships are a great way to make money online. Just be sure that the content is worth the price to keep your subscribers happy month after month.


I always differentiate between the internet and the real world. Not that the internet isn’t real, but people generally don’t interact face to face when they transact business on the internet. When I go to Amazon and buy a product, I type my info in and the product shows up at my door in a couple of days. There is no interacting with other people. In the real world, people do interact face to face from time to time.

Your website can provide you with opportunities in the real world. If you have a specialized website that becomes successful, you may be perceived as an expert in that area. When you’re viewed as an expert, you can earn money through speaking engagements, such as seminars, or conventions related to the topic of your website.


If you have a website and want to make money with that website, try some of the methods above. Depending on your market, some methods may work better than others. The best way to make money with your website will depend on what your visitors are looking for. Give your visitors what they want and you can’t go wrong. Of course, if no one visits your website, it doesn’t matter how you monetize your website. Check out this article and learn how to get website traffic.